Articulate Challenge # 92: Guided Tour

Engage learners with a comic-book style scenario

APA Tutorial





I teach university courses online. My students are graduate students, but many have not been in school for several years, and most are not familiar with one of the writing expectations of the university: all papers must be formatted according to APA (American Psychological Association) guidelines.

Many of my students were reluctant to take the time to learn how to correctly format their papers and references. Although I let them know that it would actually save them time in the end, it was difficult to convince many students that taking the short amount of time to learn how to use MS Word formatting tools would be a time-saver.

Guided Tour/Software Simulation

I designed this short tutorial, What the heck is “APA” Style?!, using interactive screenshots and screen capture technology, to teach my students how easy it is to correctly format their papers. Essentially, it’s a guided tour of the MS Word References Tab. Students can view the short scenario first, or use the menu to jump straight to the software simulation. Since offering this tutorial to my students, I have seen a much higher compliance with the university’s guidelines, and students tell me the short scenario and tutorial are engaging and effective.

Selected slides:

The short tutorial uses humor and a comic-book style to engage the learner.
APA Tutorial Screenshot
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In the scenario, I use a common complaint that I've heard from my students in the past regarding the necessity of learning APA formatting guidelines. Students can relate to the character's concerns.
Common Complaint
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Learners can click on the menu to take them directly to the tutorial, or they can view the short scenario first.
APA Tutorial Menu
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Learners are guided by pop-up hints.
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Learners follow examples to fill in text fields.
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An incorrect response results in an opportunity to try again.
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Authoring Tools:  This presentation was developed in PowerPoint 2013 and imported into Articulate Storyline 1.


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