Articulate Challenge #117: Visual Design

Design an E-Learning Cover Slide with This Visual Design Tip #117

This is my second submission the this challenge. Later in the week, Articulate’s David Anderson added a new factor to the challenge:

Here’s a twist: How can you mix vector and photographic images to create the effect?

got glasses 117


For this added challenge, I combined elements of a vector image of a cartoon owl with a photograph, using PowerPoint 2016. I used PowerPoint animation effects to create the blinking eyes, and exported the result to Storyline 2.




Authoring Tools:  PowerPoint 2016, Storyline 2.

3 thoughts on “Articulate Challenge #117: Visual Design

  1. Plotagon seems awesome and I could bring my elearnng to the next level!

    it does not seems that expensive. Excited!!!

  2. Hello There,

    the LMS I use is Sum-total. Would it be possible to use it with Plotagon? Does anybody knows?

    Thank you

    Astrid Case

    • Hi Astrid,

      I don’t see why you couldn’t use Plotagon with your LMS, but to be sure you should probably contact customer support to verify.

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