Articulate Challenge #125: Gamify Your E-Learning with Scratch-Off Cards

erase replace


My entry for Articulate’s #ELHChallenge 125 is a gamified demo called ERASE & REPLACE.

safari land


I created this demo using Plotagon animation, and edited the result in Camtasia. I imported the video into Storyline 2, to incorporate the interactions. Learners identify misspelled words, erase them, and type in the correct spelling. The feedback is immediate, and utilizes the learner’s name, if they have typed it in on the opening screen.




Authoring Tools:  Plotagon, Camtasia, Storyline 2.

8 thoughts on “Articulate Challenge #125: Gamify Your E-Learning with Scratch-Off Cards

  1. I just love your site Tracy. I really miss e-learning heroes. My job changed to a boring storyboard writing, IMI level 1. I am no longer with DND so I am trying to get back with Storyline. So much to catch up on. I don’t have 360…yet!

  2. could erase and replace be used to erase a large area, like simulating spraying a restaurant table with disinfecting spray to kill all of the germs? the key is to erase all of the area, not just “one and done”

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