Articulate Challenge #65: Designing A Unified Template

A Holiday-Themed E-Learning Makeover

Articulate E-Learning challenge #65 was to find three different templates, and utilize them to create a single presentation with a unified design.

*This presentation was updated to Storyline 360 for E-Learning Heroes Challenge #185: Design a Holiday Themed E-Learning Graphic or Interaction.



3 Templates:

I chose the templates from the available Storyline template downloads on the Articulate website:

original in laws

original learning village

original decorate a tree





  1. A holiday-themed quiz by Allison LaMotte
  2. A village-themed branching navigation example, by Nicola Appel
  3. A holiday interaction by Nicole Legault

To combine the templates, I unified the fonts and color schemes on the slide masters and feedback masters. I decided to go with the holiday quiz fonts: Century Schoolbook and Monotype Corsiva. I incorporated the tree-decorating interaction into the holiday quiz, as one more example of the difficulties in returning home for the holidays. I brought the village into the mix by decorating it for Christmas, and used a car traveling into the village to introduce the existential dread of coming home for the holidays.

I created an animated video intro, using Plotagon animation. Finally, I changed the Storyline player color to red, and expanded the player to fill the browser, to give the presentation a Christmas card feeling.

Authoring tool: Updated to Storyline 360, Plotagon animation, Camtasia video editing


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