Articulate Challenge #75: Punctuation & Grammar Skills



Help Learners Polish Their Punctuation and Grammar Skills

The Articulate E-Learning Heroes website has an incredible wealth of information for the instructional design community. I’ve benefited from accessing the site, reading the posts, viewing the tutorials, and downloading the available resources. But I’ve never participated in their E-Learning Challenges before now!

Graphic Design

I was inspired to join in and contribute my first post when I viewed several of their tutorials on how to create simple characters and graphics in PowerPoint.

For this E-Learning module, I created a cow, a bird, a barn and some trees, using the shapes available in PowerPoint. I also used Jeff Kortenbosch’s “Pill People” characters and customized them in PowerPoint. (He has made the download available here, to members of the Articulate community: PowerPoint: Cartoon-Style People)




Authoring tools: PowerPoint 2016, Storyline 2

The bird, the cow, the barn, and the trees were created with simple PowerPoint shapes.
Comma Rule #1
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I customized an existing cartoon template, using shapes from PowerPoint. These are the original Pill People
Pill People
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The generic Pill People become Mimi and Slim, through the addition of PowerPoint shapes to change their clothing and features.
Mimi & Slim
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Changing the expressions on the characters' faces is a simple matter of changing the shapes of the facial components. Casey the Cow becomes disgruntled during the presentation.
Changing Expressions
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Casey the Cow is made up of the various shapes shown.
Casey, assembled & disassembled
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The bird, assembled & disassembled
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