Articulate Challenge #95: Using Video Backgrounds to Visually Engage Learners



Challenge #95 is about using a video as background to visually engage learners.  I decided to use a dripping faucet as the background to engage learners while they attempt to answer the quiz question posed. I also used the sound of a dripping faucet to enhance the video.

To create the video, I started with an image of a bathroom faucet, and tweaked it in PowerPoint by inserting a shape with a pattern fill and a shadow effect to simulate bathroom tile. I also changed the tint of the photo, and the color of the soap in PowerPoint. Next, I used Camtasia to remove the green from a green-screen video of a faucet dripping. I cropped out the faucet, and enhanced the color of the drips somewhat, then added my image of the bathroom faucet underneath the drips. I added audio, and that completed my background video image.

I uploaded my video to Storyline 2, and used it as a backdrop to the quiz question I created with that tool. A couple of resource links are provided for learners who want more info and water-saving tips.




Authoring Tools: PowerPoint 2013, Camtasia, & Storyline 2. 

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