Articulate Challenge: Using Blurred Backgrounds in E-Learning #131

learn to box

This is my second entry for Articulate’s #ELHChallenge 131, Using Blurred Backgrounds in E-Learning. It answers the age-old question, “What would it be like if Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton got together to prepare an eLearning lesson on boxing?”

Well, now you know!

The blurred background effect for the fight audience, the press conference, and the Oval Office backgrounds, was achieved through the use of PowerPoint 2016’s Blur setting in the Artistic Effects menu. I used various PowerPoint visual effects to create the caricatures of Donald and Hillary.

The Donald character is actually a modified Storyline slider, with Donald being controlled by different Storyline states and variables. Punching Hillary is also controlled by Storyline states and variables. The banana peels flying through the air use Storyline motion paths.

The actual learning objectives are somewhat suspect.





Authoring Tools:  PowerPoint 2016, Storyline 2.

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