Articulate Weekly E-Learning Challenge #119: Create a Customized Storyline 2 Player

The Articulate Weekly E-Learning Challenge #119 is called Dress Your E-Learning to the Nines with a Custom Course Player


My third submission to this challenge, A Brief Message from Rigel IV, features an animated video and an animated Storyline player.

They're coming Rigel IV

I created the opening video using Plotagon, a free online animated video-maker. I edited the Plotagon video in Camtasia before inserting it into Storyline. In the second half of the presentation, I animated the Storyline player by altering the html code in the story.html file. In this case, I added a gif as the background for the player.

Articulate’s Community Manager, David Anderson, explains how to do this in his short tutorial:

Adding a background image or texture to your story.html page in Articulate Storyline

I used Captivate’s text-to-speech feature to create the alien voices, then imported the audio into the Storyline presentation.

Authoring Tools:  PowerPoint 2016, Captivate 6, Storyline 2, Plotagon, Camtasia

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