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Audio Syncing Demo - Articulate Storyline
A client asked me if I could do audio syncing in Storyline. I responded in the affirmative, and produced a short demo, Audio Syncing in Articulate Storyline.


Synchronizing text and/or images with audio is a simple matter of positioning the text and/or images in the correct place on the Storyline timeline. Storyline allows the developer to add cue points along the timeline at the appropriate places to make aligning text and images with the audio track easy.

Authoring Tools:  This one-slide presentation was developed in Storyline. I included a short animated introduction slide layer, imported from Camtasia.

Align the bullet points to the audio track.
Enlarge Image
The first bullet point is aligned to the appropriate sentence, which has been identified with the first cue point.
First Bullet Point
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The second bullet point is aligned to the second cue point. The process continues until the developer has aligned all text and/or images to the appropriate cue points on the timeline.
Second Bullet Point
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