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Tax Tips

By January 13, 2020July 23rd, 2021Animation, Articulate Challenges, Blog Posts

This is my submission to Articulate’s Design a Comic Book Theme for Your e-Learning Course Challenge. I’ve found that courses using a comic book theme can be very engaging, and the technique works well for both serious and lighter topics.

Tax Tips for the Self-Employed

Frustrated by the tax code? Here comes Sir Freelance to the rescue! Click the image below to view the demo.

Authoring Tools

For the video introduction, I created slides with PowerPoint, then saved them as images (.pngs). I used Camtasia video-editing software to edit the images into a video. Finally, I inserted the video intro into the Storyline 360 module.

Image Editing with PowerPoint

Many of the images I used were obtained from Pixabay, a site that offers free image downloads. I altered the images in PowerPoint, using the Drawing Tools and PowerPoint Shapes.

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