Free eLearning Tool: Digital Storytelling with Pixton

I love trying out new software apps! For the last couple of days I’ve been playing around with Pixton, a software app that allows you to tell stories in comic book format. Since I love scenario-based eLearning, and I’m partial to the comic book format (and cartoons in general), I thought I would give Pixton a try.

Give Your eLearning Some Personality!

One thing I immediately noticed was how easy it is to manipulate your characters’ expressions. You can change facial expressions, the character’s stance, and move each character’s limbs all about. Below are examples of how I was able to change the expressions of one of my characters in the short example that follows.

Free Version Available!

Pixton has several pricing plans; one for business, one for schools & individual teachers, and one for fun! A free trial is available, and there is even a free version of the app, that comes with certain restrictions. 

Tutorials Available for Advanced Options

If you try Pixton out, I highly recommend viewing the tutorials they have on the website. I’m still a newbie, so I haven’t explored all of the advanced options yet, such as adding animation and/or sound to the comics.

Combining Pixton Comics with other Rapid Authoring Tools

Below is an example of how you can create comic book slides in Pixton, and import them into other applications. For this example, I created the slides in Pixton and imported them into Storyline 2, so I could make an interactive quiz with customized feedback. If you click on each of the four possible answer choices, you’ll see that the feedback character’s expression changes in each slide. Although I imported the Pixton slides to Storyline 2 for this demo, virtually the same results could easily be achieved by using the slides in a PowerPoint or Captivate module.

Launch Presentation
Click the image above to view the demo.

Authoring Tools: Pixton, Storyline 2.


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