Free Audio-Synced Closed-Captioning Template & CC Tutorial


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Customized Storyline 2 Template with Closed Captioning

I enjoy participating in the weekly Articulate E-Learning Heroes Challenges as often as I can! It’s a wonderful way to exercise my creativity, while learning more about Storyline and instructional design in general, from some of the best e-learning designers in the field. This week, ELH Challenge #129 was to choose your own challenge.

My submission is a Storyline template with Closed-Captioning. I wanted each sentence of voice-over narration to appear separately, synchronized with the audio, at the bottom of the slide. (In the past, I’ve had clients who have rejected the Notes tab option on the Storyline player, and vetoed the scrolling panel idea for Closed-Captioning.)

  • FREEBIE – download the template here.

With this template, you can turn on the CC on any slide, and it will continue to show on every slide with narration, unless you turn it off. The narration is synced to cue points on the slide. You can customize the template with your own images and narration, using the variables and triggers that have been set-up for you.

The narration is courtesy of voice actor Andy Bowyer, who used to give away a free narration toolkit on his website (, but unfortunately the link is no longer operational.

YouTube Tutorial – How to Customize the Template

Here’s a YouTube tutorial I created to explain how to customize the template with your own audio and transcript:


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