GoAnimate Review & Demo

GoAnimate, another cool animation tool for eLearning developers!



Last week, I wrote about a couple of free animation tools instructional designers can use to create engaging eLearning: PowToon & Plotagon. This week I will be discussing GoAnimate, an animation tool that is cool, but not free. There is, however, a 14-day free trial you can use to see if you like using the software. GoAnimate offers a lower-priced version for educators, so if you have an .edu email address, you might want to check that out!

Preliminary Tutorial

When you first start using GoAnimate, you will be greeted by a helpful, hands-out tutorial. Although the interface is quite easy to use, I recommend going through the tutorial to start out.

What’s included?

The software allows you to choose from several locations/layouts, characters, music, etc. You can even create your own custom characters and use the text-to-voice lip-syncing option to have your characters simulate conversation. It’s also possible to record voices for your characters.

Scenario-based eLearning 

This is an example of how GoAnimate videos can be incorporated into an eLearning module. I used Storyline 2 along with GoAnimate in creating this scenario-based example:

sexual harassment

Have you tried GoAnimate in any of your eLearning modules? If so, how did you like it? Have you received any feedback from clients or learners?


2 thoughts on “GoAnimate Review & Demo

  1. Hi Tracy,

    Would love to try your interactive harassment project above, but only black screen shows when playing, even when flash is enabled.
    Is there any other way to interact, demo your product?


    • Hi Camilla,

      Thanks for letting me know. The post was created a couple of years ago (2016), and browsers have changed and developed different standards. This was also created back when I was using Storyline 2.

      When I just tried the demo, it works for me on Firefox, but unfortunately not on Chrome or MS Edge. I’m slowly updating all of my portfolio samples, but as I have over one hundred examples posted, it will take some time for me to get to this one!

      Best regards,


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