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 The Museum of Jack

 Virtual Museum

Project: Design a corporate museum prototype for Jack in the Box. After consulting with JIB’s Brian Luscomb, DVP, Corporate Communications, to determine their needs, the idea of a virtual corporate museum took shape.




Deliverable: A virtual museum prototype with several different galleries, or virtual exhibits, and a game room.  Combined, they make up The Museum of Jack.

Audience: The Museum of Jack is designed for the corporate employees of Jack in the Box, employed primarily at the San Diego headquarters. The secondary audience members are the franchise employees in various locales, vendors, and various stakeholders. Eventually, the museum could be expanded to include the general public.

Gamification: The main goal of The Museum of Jack is to get the employees to visit the museum, and stay long enough to feel good about working at Jack in the Box headquarters. I employed game design techniques, known as gamification, in creating the virtual museum in order to engage and motivate employees to interact with the website. The museum blends humor with factual corporate history, games, contests, badges, and social media interactions, to showcase the various online exhibits as vehicles to foster enthusiasm for the corporation.

Selected slides from various exhibits:

A fictionalized account of Jack in the Box founder, Bob Peterson, told in a graphic novel style.
Bob's Story
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Guests of the museum will be able to earn a badge and Jack Ca$h, based on their score in Founder Jeopardy.
Founder Jeopardy
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Based on Bob’s story, learners will be able to earn a badge and Jack Ca$h by answering questions on the Interactive Timeline.
Interactive Timeline
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Guests of the museum will be challenged to use the "Jackinator" sketch tool to re-design a Jack in the Box. They will be able to earn an Architecture Badge and Jack Ca$h.
Create Your Own J-Box
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Guests will learn about the Jack Foundation and its charitable activities, with opportunities to earn various prizes by being a good citizen. (Does not have to be associated with the Jack Foundation.)
Giving Back
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Comments on the project:

I had the opportunity to work with Tracy on a project related to her studies at San Diego State University. As a graduate student in Educational Technology at SDSU, Tracy approached Jack in the Box with an interest in creating a tribute to our heritage – in other words, a museum or exhibit of some sort. Such an exhibit has been contemplated by Jack in the Box for many years. Unfortunately, we have not had the resources available to take it beyond an ideation phase. I met with Tracy several times, and she conceptualized a very thought-provoking virtual exhibit, which she cleverly called the Museum of Jack.

Finding space in our corporate office for a physical exhibit has been challenging, so the idea of curating a virtual museum is much more realistic and, in fact, could reach many more of our key stakeholders – i.e., employees, franchisees, vendors, shareholders, etc.

During our interaction, I found Tracy to be an intelligent, imaginative and highly motivated individual. As evidenced by the thoroughness of her presentation, she put a tremendous amount of time into this project, not only building a prototype of what our museum could look like but also researching other corporate museums. It was time well spent. Her creative and interactive deliverable far exceeded my expectations.

Brian A. Luscomb
DVP, Corporate Communications
Jack in the Box Inc.

Oh, this is hilarious, Tracy, and beautifully done — I love the idea of a “historic novel comic.” Can’t wait to hear if Brian and the gang go for it. Oh, and just saw the create-your-own bit at the end — brilliant. I love this! Hope they do, too! Very creative, Tracy!

Your presentation was right on target. You really gave us a good sense of how this would look and feel, the target audience, and so forth. …you did a very professional job handling the JIB museum case. The prototype(s) you put together are over-the-top good, and at the very least it’ll inspire future efforts at JIB, if it doesn’t actually get them going on it right away. Taking the time to help Brian see the context of corporate museums was a great move. Congrats on a very successful project, especially with the time and other constraints!

Bob Hoffman
Associate Professor, Educational Technology
San Diego State University

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