Interactive Tables in eLearning – ELH Challenge #191

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This week, the Articulate E-Learning Heroes Challenge is: Using Interactive Tables to Present Information in E-Learning. This ELH Challenge is about creating an eLearning example that demonstrates how interactive tables can be used to present information in e-learning modules.


To create my example, I used Storyline 360’s built-in table feature, located on the ribbon, to produce an interaction titled What is Domestic Violence?, using statistics from the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.


To make the Storyline table interactive, I created a trigger for each statistic shown; now, when a user’s mouse hovers over a statistic on the slide, a Storyline layer featuring an animated video is triggered to play.


To create the animated video for my presentation, I used Plotagon, an application that allows users to easily turn written text into animated videos.



I created just one Plotagon video with my statistics. However, I wanted six videos—one for each layer of my Storyline slide. To edit the video into six separate segments, I used Camtasia video editing software.

Authoring Tools: Storyline 360, Plotagon, Camtasia


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