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My entry for Articulate’s #ELHChallenge 127 is a scenario-based demo called Restaurant Management Training with Dr. Myron Kornblatt.

email and print

In this demo, the learner is addressed by name during the course. In Storyline, this is accomplished by creating a user name variable, and having the learner enter their name in a text entry box on the first slide. When the user name variable is triggered on certain slides, the learner’s name will appear.

More fun with variables, triggers, and JavaScript: in this course, the learner can take notes in an online learning journal. At the end of the course, the learner can either print or save their notes, or they can email their notes to themselves, by clicking an icon. This is done by adding some JavaScript for Storyline to execute.

Two Tutorial Links

To insert the JavaScript print notes function, I followed an excellent instructional design tutorial from the eLearning Brothers6 Steps on How to Make a Printable Results Page in Articulate Storyline.

Print page function, with customized logo

To create the email notes function, I recommend viewing this detailed JavaScript demo by Matthew Bibby!


Authoring Tool:  Storyline 2.



4 thoughts on “JavaScript & Storyline 2

  1. Hey Tracy,

    I’m glad that demo was useful to you. I’m just dropping in here to let you know that the links to the demo and source file above no longer work due to some changes I had to make.

    You can find a much more detailed explanation of how to send emails with JavaScript here:

    I’ll also jump back into the forum when I get a chance and fix up those links.

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