Rapid e-Learning for Business

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Rapid e-Learning for Business: Designing for Behavioral Change

A couple of years ago, I created a series of sample online lessons, demonstrating how designing instruction for academia can be different from designing instruction or training for businesses. Recently I updated this demo, using the transparent echo technique from Articulate’s eLearning Challenge #117 to create a new cover image.


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Course Description

Rapid e-Learning Development is the process of creating e-learning courses quickly and efficiently. Courses built this way are designed to be concise for the learner and relatively quickly put together by you, the course developer. Honing your rapid e-learning development skills will be an important factor to ensure your success as an instructional designer seeking to design instruction for workplace solutions.

Being able to produce relevant e-learning training modules that produce measurable behavior change is critical to your success in designing instruction for the business world. In the workplace, effective modules for training staff in policy changes, new products, or computer system upgrades need to be developed and supplied fast!

In this course, you will discover how to rapidly create e-learning modules that target desired behavior changes that support business goals. Topics include:

  • Developing appropriate business goals.
  • When is training the answer?
  • Developing measurable behavioral objectives.
  • Creating narrowly focused courses.
  • Designing scenarios and practice activities.
  • Assessing the business impact of your e-learning module.

Authoring Tools: PowerPoint 2016 & Storyline 2.

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