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Keep Your Teeth!

Did you know that more than 36 million Americans do not have any teeth? Many more have lost at least one tooth. The purpose of the eLearning game Can You Keep Your Teeth, is (not surprisingly) to keep your teeth.

You can keep them if you answer the dental hygiene questions correctly! Make a mistake, and lose a tooth. Click the image below to play the game.


I originally created this game in 2016, using Storyline 2. This version, submitted to Articulate E-Learning Heroes Challenge #311 – Using Dials and Sliders to Select E-Learning Characters, has been completely updated in Storyline 360, with new graphics and a new video.

The animated video introduction was created with Powtoon, an online, easy-to-use video software application.

Authoring Tools: Powtoon animation, Camtasia, Articulate Storyline 360

Medical Template

This is an entry for Articulate’s Course Starter Templates for the Healthcare Industry – E-Learning ELH Challenge #171. The template features a slider interaction, click-and-reveal light-boxes, several different types of quiz questions, and has some generic audio instructions included.

Click on the image above to view the demo.


The template is fully customizable. In fact, this template is a customized version of the my Teamwork Training Free Customized Storyline 2 Template, found here.

There are two versions of the medical template available to download; one for Storyline 2, and one for Storyline 360 (that one will also work for Storyline 3).

  • The freebie Storyline 2 medical template download is here.
  • The freebie Storyline 360 medical template download is here.

Authoring Tools: PowerPoint (for editing images), Storyline 2, Storyline 360

Flu Facts Challenge

flu facts challenge10.13.15

Informal Learning

Take the Flu Facts Challenge is a short informal learning game, created with PowerPoint and Articulate Storyline 360. Click on the image to view the game demo. This demo was submitted to the Articulate eLearning Challenge #217: Share Your E-Learning Game Show Examples.

The game is meant to be played by members of the public at individual kiosks at a community health care fair. Both adults and children will have access to the game.

Gamification, or applying game design techniques to instructional design, is one way to engage and motivate people to interact with a learning module.

Images: The images of the game show host in this module come from eLearning Art, a subscription service that provides graphics and templates for the eLearning community. This demo is featured on their eLearning and Training Examples blog.

Selected slides:

Dr. Daniels is the name of our fictional game show host.
Game Show Host
Enlarge Image
The game has a familiar, Jeopardy-like interface.
Flu Facts Challenge
Enlarge Image
When learners select the question, that starts the timer. They have 20 seconds to submit an answer.
Quiz Question
Enlarge Image
Dr. Daniels reacts when the learner runs out of time.
Out of Time!
Enlarge Image
Dr. Daniels shows enthusiasm when the learner answers correctly.
Correct Answer
Enlarge Image
Dr. Daniels is astonished when a learner answers incorrectly.
Incorrect Answer
Enlarge Image
Project Overview & Background Information
Enlarge Image
Powered By Creative Image Slider


Authoring Tools: PowerPoint, Storyline 360

The Project Overview and Background Information for Take the Flu Facts Challenge can be downloaded here.

Project Overview

Triage Training

This is my submission to Articulate’s Medical #ELHChallenge 69. Click the image below to view the demo.

For this challenge, I combined GoAnimate whiteboard animation with Storyline 360 to create Triage Training.

GoAnimate was used to create the video portion, and Storyline 360 was used to create the quiz question. The Storyline player is also used to contain resources for the learner. In an actual course, the Storyline player could be used for navigation, and to organize branching scenarios to tailor the course to each learner’s needs.

I’ve found that courses using the whiteboard animation technique can be very engaging, and the technique works well for both serious and lighter topics.

Authoring Tools: GoAnimate, Storyline 360

Updated: 6/3/18


Software Simulation: How much is your time worth?


Articulate Challenge #144: Slide, Drag, and Hover Past Boring Next Buttons 


This ELH Challenge is about creating a navigation structure without using the ubiquitous NEXT button to move viewers from slide to slide. The module I created is called How much is your time worth?, and there is no NEXT button in sight.

The Business Problem Addressed 


A fictional healthcare provider, SoCal Solutions Healthcare, wants to encourage their members to use their online healthcare portal, rather than always phoning Customer Service for information and to make appointments.  This module seeks to describe the benefits of using the website rather than the phone to take care of most of the members’ needs, and it also gives the members some practice in using the website to accomplish a simple task. 

Slider Navigation




The first part of the module uses a Storyline 2* innovation, the slider, to advance the viewer from layer to layer on the introduction slide. The introduction describes the problem of phoning Customer Service for help – the long wait on hold that can be a frustrating waste of time.

*I’ve since updated the module to Storyline 360 – 11.28.17.

Software Simulation




The second half of the module is a software simulation, where the user must perform the correct action in order to advance the slide. I used Storyline’s screen capture function to record my keystrokes and mouse movements as I completed the software task, and converted the video produced into a timed quiz format. Viewers get pop-up hints to help them complete the task in under two minutes.

I used the built-in Storyline quiz timer in the top right of the screen to help motivate the learner to complete the task quickly. 

Authoring Tools: Photoshop (to create comic book effects for the images in the Introduction section), Storyline 360

FREEBIE Health Care Tabs Template

This is yet another entry for Articulate’s E-Learning ELH Challenge #171: Course Starter Templates for the Healthcare Industry. This Storyline 360 template can be customized to suit your needs.

Select the image below to view the demo.

For this health care tabs template, I used the “scrubbed” font below to create characters with a medical theme.


Using PowerPoint, I added color to each font picture, before uploading them to the Storyline template.

Download the the FREEBIE:
E-Learning Hero Inspiration

This template was inspired by Trina Rimmer’s Storyline tabs template, available at:

Authoring Tools: PowerPoint, Articulate Storyline 360