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Urban Beekeeping

Keeping the Urban Bee is my demo for Articulate E-Learning Heroes Challenge #312: Combine Photos and Illustrations in E-Learning #312

Click the image below to view the online demo.

Using PowerPoint to Alter Photographs and Images

The background photographs were edited in PowerPoint, using the application’s Artistic Effects tool. Techniques used:

  • Tint the photos with sepia tones
  • De-saturate colors
  • Blurred background images
  • Darkened images

Some of the illustrations were also edited using PowerPoint, using the following tools:

  • Background removal tool
  • Sharpen contrast tool
  • Increase color saturation
Powtoon and Camtasia for Video Editing

I used Powtoon to create slide transitions, add the animated bee, and to add background music. Camtasia was used to reduce the size of the video and provide the video player.

Authoring Tools: PowerPoint/Presenter 360, Powtoon, Camtasia

Urban Beekeeping info from:

Living Coral Template

Articulate E-Learning Challenge #214: Using the 2019 Pantone Color of the Year

Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2019 is Living Coral. To view my Living Coral eLearning Template demo, click the image above.

Customizing the Template

I customized the Articulate 360 Serenity template by changing the color scheme on the Master Slide, and changed the colors on the Articulate Player to correspond with the new Living Coral theme. I added background images, made available on the Articulate website by Tom Kuhlmann, for visual interest.

The classic Articulate cartoon characters were customized by saving them as Microsoft Drawing Objects, then changing colors as desired, to correspond with Pantone’s Focal Point palette.


Free Assets!

Authoring tools for this presentation: Articulate Presenter 360, PowerPoint

Comic Book Theme

Toxic Work Relationships

This demo was one of my submissions to E-Learning Heroes Challenge #204: Comic Book Theme E-Learning Templates #204

Click the image below to view the demo of this Articulate Presenter 360 template in action!

Articulate Presenter 360

Articulate Presenter is a PowerPoint add-in. If you subscribe to Articulate 360, it’s one of the tools in your arsenal. In this template, I also used an Engage conversation interaction, and a QuizMaker multiple choice question. I edited format of the Engage and QuizMaker master slides to blend with look of the Presenter/PowerPoint template.

The template came from the Articulate 360 content library; I changed the theme fonts on the PowerPoint master slide.

PowerPoint’s Image Editing Tools

I used PowerPoint’s picture formatting (sharpen 100%, color saturation 200%) and artistic effects tools (Cutout effect, 6 shades, varying transparency levels) to cartoonify the Articulate photographic characters in this template.

2 FREEBIE Downloads!

I’ve included two freebie versions; the Presenter package if you have access to Articulate Presenter 360, and the PowerPoint only version, if you don’t. In the PowerPoint only version, the Engage 360 and QuizMaker 360 interactions are not included.

Authoring tools: Articulate Presenter 360, PowerPoint 2016, QuizMaker 360, Engage 360

Creative Image Effects – Challenge #156


This is my entry for Articulate’s E-Learning ELH Challenge #156: Creative Image Effects for Stock Photos in E-Learning. Click the image above to view the Mad Men-inspired demo.

Tutorial/PowerPoint Download

I used PowerPoint to create the comic book photo effects shown in the demo, using the steps shown below. To download the PowerPoint Photo Effects Step-by-Step zip folder, click here.

Authoring Tools: PowerPoint, Articulate Presenter 360

Another Medical Template FREEBIE!

This is another entry for Articulate’s E-Learning ELH Challenge #171: Course Starter Templates for the Healthcare Industry. The template is fully customizable. I based the template on the Articulate 360 Journey template, available in the 360 Content Library. I changed the color scheme on the PowerPoint slide master, and added new graphics, some animations and slide transitions. The process was remarkably fast and easy!

Click on the image above to view the demo. 


There are two versions of the medical template available to download in a zip folder; one version is a PowerPoint file, and the other is an Articulate Presenter file. If you don’t have Articulate Presenter, you can still use the PowerPoint file on its own, or import it into Storyline or Captivate.

Download the zip folder:

Authoring Tools: PowerPoint, Articulate Presenter 360