What’s so Exciting about DevLearn?

What’s so Exciting About DevLearn? is another demo for Articulate E-Learning Heroes Challenge #250: How are You Using Text and Images in E-Learning Design?

Click the image below to view the online demo.

Create Cartoons with PowerPoint

I created the icon of myself in PowerPoint several years ago, by using shapes and grouping them together. I saved the grouped images as a png, so that I could use the image in other applications.

Freebie Tutorial & Download

I produced an annotated video tutorial about the cartoon creation technique, and provided a free PowerPoint download here: https://tracycarroll.net/annotated-video-tutorial-create-cartoons-with-powerpoint/

Powtoon and Camtasia for Video Editing

I used Powtoon to compose the slides, create slide transitions, and add background music. Finally, I used Camtasia to edit the video and reduce the size.

Authoring Tools: Powtoon, PowerPoint, Camtasia

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