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Zombie Fatigue

By June 3, 2016June 14th, 2016Articulate Challenges

This is the second presentation I’m submitting to the Articulate #93 E-Learning Challenge.

 zombie studies show












I created this presentation last year, with the idea of submitting it to last year’s Halloween challenge. Then I got busy and never finished it–in fact, I forgot about it entirely. I was inspired to finish it up today by viewing Jackie Van Nice’s wonderful zombie-themed presentation.

Although I believe zombies are inherently engaging, in this presentation I began by stating a surprising “fact” to pique viewers’ interest.

Authoring Tools: PowerPoint 2013, Articulate Storyline 1 & Storyline 2. Originally I imported this from PowerPoint into Storyline 1, but shortly thereafter I upgraded to Storyline 2. I converted the presentation to the newer version of Storyline, and found that all sorts of little problems cropped up. The import definitely was not perfect. I had to re-do some slides, so I decided to incorporate a slider (one of the new Storyline 2 features) to deliver the quiz in this module.




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