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Tracy Carroll

I design and develop engaging effective eLearning.

W elcome! I’m an instructional designer with expertise in eLearning and adult learning theory.

I started my own freelance instructional design business in 2013, operating out of my home office in Los Angeles, California. Since then, I’ve developed custom eLearning solutions for dozens of clients worldwide.

Recent Clients

Tracy is a highly skilled professional with fantastic ideas, attention to detail, and delivers high impact programs that produce amazing results.

- Stacy Hubiak, Learning and Development Director at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals

Selected Posts


Science Fiction Generator

Click the image above to give the Science Fiction Generator a spin! You can personalize your sci fi story by choosing the locations, characters, and…

Employee Benefits

I create animated explainer videos promoting various programs that employers want to highlight for their employees. ConglomCo Cares is an interactive demo that informs employees…

Back to the Office

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, lifestyles have changed. Many former office workers now work remotely, from their homes. At this point, some organizations…
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