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Science Fiction Generator

By September 14, 2022September 16th, 2022Animation, Articulate Challenges, Home

Click the image above to give the Science Fiction Generator a spin! You can personalize your sci fi story by choosing the locations, characters, and actions. The sci fi generator is my entry for Articulate’s Scrolling Panels in E-Learning Challenge #387.


To use the generator, simply click each button as many times as you need to choose your desired components: characters, locations, and actions. Clicking the buttons will generate random words or phrases for each category.

Then, click NEXT to view your customized science fiction story. Want to make changes? Click BACK to go back to change the components, then advance the slide again to see how your fairytale has changed.

Choose Your Villain!


The generator uses JavaScript with Storyline variables to generate the random words. Matthew Bibby has a great, easy-to-follow tutorial on Generating Random Words or Phrases in Storyline on the Articulate E-Learning Heroes community website, along with downloads you can use. I followed his method closely to create my demo!

Authoring Tools:

  • Articulate Storyline 360
  • CreateStudioPro animation
  • Camtasia video editor

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