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3D Hubble Space Telescope

The Hubble Space Telescope video is my submission to Articulate’s E-Learning Heroes Challenge #347: Using 3D Models in E-Learning.

Authoring Tools


I started with PowerPoint. Using a 3D model of Hubble (a free PPTX asset), I created a simple green screen video by using the morph transition between the slides, and publishing the PPTX as a video. I used a green rectangle shape as the background, because I knew that I wanted to use several videos as backgrounds for the floating space telescope. The addition of video backgrounds contributes to the 3D effect of the Hubble moving through space.


In Camtasia, I used the Remove a Color tool to remove the green background, and render it transparent. Then I completed the demo by adding:

  • Several background videos (free assets from Pixabay)
  • Text boxes and shapes
  • Background music (free asset from Camtasia)
  • Narration (text-to-speech)

Storyline 360

Storyline is used to deliver the video. A couple of online Resources are included, so users can seek out further information if they desire.

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