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Adaptive Learning Paths in E-Learning #196

By April 15, 2018June 4th, 2018Articulate Challenges

Is tending bar better than attending business school for developing leadership skills?

The Leadership Skill Training quiz is my submission to Articulate’s ELH Challenge #196: Designing Adaptive Learning Paths in E-Learning:

“With adaptive learning, one or more parts of the course will adapt to the skill level of the learners. Learners who demonstrate mastery early in the course could move faster through the course and be presented with more advanced scenarios and quizzes.

On the other hand, learners who underperform would move more slowly through the course and be presented with more practice opportunities and foundational information.”

How the Quiz Adapts

After each answer, learners receive immediate feedback.

Learners who answer the first four questions correctly are taken to a Results slide that declares them experts. They do not need any more practice with this skill.

Learners who miss one or more of the first four questions automatically continue on with the quiz to answer a total of eight questions. If they do not pass the quiz, they have the opportunity to retry the quiz.

Conditional Branching

“Using conditional branching, learners who score below a determined point value will branch to a remediation scene where they’ll have additional practice activities. …The branching is transparent to the learner so they don’t even know they’re seeing different content from the other learners.”

To create the conditional branching, I set up a series of slide triggers to tell Storyline where the learner should be taken, based on their accumulated score points, and whether this was their first or second attempt at the quiz.


Below is the quiz storyboard (a road map of the quiz), which shows how the quiz is set up.

Authoring Tool: Storyline 360

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