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ChatGPT as SME, Part 2

By April 7, 2023February 26th, 2024All, Articulate Challenges, Blog Posts

Creating the Course Outline and Training Objectives with ChatGPT

Articulate eLearning Challenge #416: Using AI to Build Online Training. I used Artificial Intelligence (AI), in the form of ChatGPT, to create the course outline with training objectives shown below for my pathway from police to detective course. This blog post is Part 2 in a short series about AI tools.

ChatGPT can create an answer or response to whatever prompt you give it. But can ChatGPT act as my Subject Matter Expert (SME) on the course?

My Assessment

ChatGPT wrote me a course outline with training objectives in less than a minute. It’s a helpful starting point. Sometimes it’s good to see what doesn’t work, in order to develop something that will work.

I found most of the learning objectives unacceptably vague and non-measurable. I didn’t like the way the course was organized; it doesn’t feel like a logical progression of ideas. Without a human SME, the course has drifted from a course offering police a pathway to becoming a detective, to a course being specifically about creating Murder Books. The course seems headed off-track already.


  • ChatGPT
  • Storyline 360

In Part 3, I’ll use a text-to-image AI application.

ChatGPT, Part 3

In Part 1, I used ChatGPT to create a video script.

ChatGPT, Part 1

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