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Informal Learning

Take the Flu Facts Challenge is a short informal learning game, created with PowerPoint and Articulate Storyline 360. The game is meant to be played by members of the public at individual kiosks at community health care fair. Both adults and children will have access to the game.




Gamification, or applying game design techniques to instructional design, is one way to engage and motivate people to interact with a learning module.

Selected slides:

Dr. Daniels is the name of our fictional game show host.
Game Show Host
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The game has a familiar, Jeopardy-like interface.
Flu Facts Challenge
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When learners select the question, that starts the timer. They have 20 seconds to submit an answer.
Quiz Question
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Dr. Daniels reacts when the learner runs out of time.
Out of Time!
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Dr. Daniels shows enthusiasm when the learner answers correctly.
Correct Answer
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Dr. Daniels is astonished when a learner answers incorrectly.
Incorrect Answer
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Project Overview & Background Information
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The Project Overview and Background Information for Take the Flu Facts Challenge can be downloaded here.

Project Overview

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