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Freebie: Storyline 2 Print/Email Notes Template – Using JavaScript & Storyline Challenge #132

My final entry for Articulate’s #ELHChallenge 132 is a freebie template!

In this template, the learner is addressed by name during the course. In Storyline, this is accomplished by creating a user name variable, and having the learner enter their name in a text entry box on the first slide. When the user name variable is triggered on certain slides, the learner’s name will appear.

More fun with variables, triggers, and JavaScript: in this course, the learner can take notes in an online learning journal. At the end of the course, the learner can either print or save their notes, or they can email their notes to themselves, by clicking an icon. This is done by adding some JavaScript for Storyline to execute.

Preview: Click the image below to view the demo of the Print/Email Notes template in action!

Launch Presentation 


Learners can print, save or email their learning journal notes.

Download: The Zip file download contains the .story file, the print.html file, an example logo.png, and the published Storyline output folder

Customize:  To customize the print.html file, use any html editor, such as Dreamweaver or Notepad.

Remember: Be sure to insert the print.html file (and your optional logo.png, if you desire) into the Storyline output folder after you publish your Storyline module.  Otherwise, the print certificate function will not work! (See the example Storyline output folder in the zip file you downloaded).

Update (June, 2, 2021) – This article was originally posted about 5 years ago, and unfortunately several of the links to the online tutorials and resources I used to create this template are no longer available.

Authoring Tool:  Storyline 2.





  • Michael Long says:

    Hi Tracy,

    Thank you for sharing this file. One thing that makes this file unique is its ability to type into the text entry field without having to use the end key (or arrows) to undo the highlighted text. However, when I attempt to apply the text entry field to a slide master layout, the text-entry reverts back to the same problem (use end key or arrows to undo highlight before editing). Do you know how to resolve this?

    Thank you in advance for your support on this.

  • Michael Long says:

    Will do. One thing I left out is that this occurs only when inserting text-entry fields into scrolling panels. It seems to be a bug so I will look into it. Thanks.

  • Oh my goodness this is wonderful information. The resources you included are invaluable. I’m going to try this on a course I’m developing now.

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