More fun with Pixton! ELH Challenge #137 – eLearning Board Game

Update: This example was originally published in 2016, using Storyline 2. I’ve since updated the example by upgrading it to Storyline 360, and adding several more questions. Now learners can keep or lose six teeth, instead of two!

March 17, 2018: This update has been submitted to the new Articulate Challenge: How Can Learners Choose Their Own Avatars in E-Learning? #195.

 Share Your Classic E-Learning Board Games #137
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July 19, 2016: This week’s Articulate ELH Challenge is to create an eLearning board game. Well, actually the challenge is to re-create a classic board game as an eLearning game. So I turned that old-timey favorite board game, KEEP YOUR TEETH!, into an online game experience. 

What? This is a “classic” board game?

Well, not really. This is what happens when I fail to read carefully and follow instructions. I actually created a new game called KEEP YOUR TEETH!, and hopefully it will turn into a classic on the basis of this extremely short demo!

More fun with Pixton!

The game was a good excuse to continue playing with Pixton Comics, a comic book software tool I’ve been trying out for a few days. For this demo, I created all the graphics in Pixton, downloaded them as slides, and imported them into PowerPoint. In PowerPoint I added some slide transitions and saved the presentation as a video. I imported the video into Storyline, then added some quiz slides for interactions. I customized the Storyline feedback slides with Pixton images to complete my game demo.

The purpose of the game is, not surprisingly, to keep your teeth. You can keep them if you answer the dental hygiene questions correctly. Make a mistake, and lose a tooth!


Click the image above to play the demo.

Authoring Tools: Pixton Comics, PowerPoint 2016, Articulate Storyline 360

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    • Hi Kate,

      The authoring tools I used to make this game were: Pixton Comics, PowerPoint 2016, and Articulate Storyline 2.

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