Rotoscoping Animation with Camtasia & Photoshop

This is another entry in Articulate’s E-Learning Heroes Rotoscoping Animation Challenge #167. Click the image above to see the demo.


I created my previous demo using PowerPoint. To see how I created this animation demo in about 20 minutes, using Camtasia and Photoshop, click the image below.


Authoring Tools: Camtasia 9, Photoshop, Storyline 360

6 thoughts on “Rotoscoping Animation with Camtasia & Photoshop

  1. Hi Tracy
    Thanks for your tutorial. I really like your illustrated videos.
    One thing though – I’m not a regular Photoshop user.
    In the example above with the blooming rose. After you’ve changed the video on Photoshop to poster edge, how do you then save it in a suitable format on Photoshop to import as a video into Storyline? Photoshop seems to want to save or export things as a png and if I then import it as a png into SL, of course it won’t play as a video.
    thanks so much

    • Thank you, Kate!

      To save the video in Photoshop, click on File, Export, then Render Video.

      Best regards,


  2. Thank you so much for sharing Tracy. I am new to this, very passionate and totally inspired by your examples!

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