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Teaching with Plotagon Animation

By March 7, 2018February 3rd, 2022Animation, Articulate Challenges, Blog Posts

How Are Course Designers Using Educational Animations?

Articulate E-Learning Heroes Challenge #76 is about creating educational animations. My entry demonstrates how teachers can use animation tools, such as Plotagon, in the the classroom to engage students in learning.


In my example, a Driver’s Education instructor would have a class discussion about the most important defensive driving tips. Allow students to express their own views on the driving issues they believe are the most critical. Next, allow students to create short videos concerning the tips they determine are most important. Devote a class period to watching and discussing the videos the students create!


To create my animated video example, I used Plotagon, an application that allows users to easily turn written text into animated videos. I inserted the Plotagon mp.4 video into a PowerPoint presentation, to add some text overlay at the beginning and the end of the video:

Then, I published the PowerPoint as a video presentation and uploaded it to YouTube:

Authoring Tools: Plotagon, PowerPoint

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