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Work from Home Tips

By June 1, 2022July 25th, 2022Animation, Articulate Challenges, Blog Posts

Check out the demo by clicking the image above!

If you’re working from home, do you feel like you’re losing the right work/life balance? Here are 4 tips to help!

4 Tips for Working from Home is an Articulate Storyline interaction I created as a response to Articulate’s eLearning Heroes Challenge #374, Zooming and Magnifying Parts of an Image in eLearning.

Users select each employee to enlarge each image into a full-size video, where the employee explains their work-from-home tip.

Custom Closed Captions Settings

In this demo, I decided to have the closed captions on by default. I accomplished this by using a trigger on the Storyline master slide:

When the timeline starts on this slide
– Set Player.DisplayCaptions to value True

The user can click the cc button to turn off the captions, if they desire. I also decided to increase the size of the cc text, by using a setting on the Storyline player, in the Colors & Effects section. You can increase the size of the captions font by adjusting the percentage in the player. In this case, I chose 160%. Finally, I designed the Vyond video to leave about an inch of blank space at the bottom, to make room for the cc to display without blocking the view of the bottom of the video.

Cool Tool: I used Vyond animation software to create the videos for this demo.

I frequently use animation in the eLearning modules I design. It’s a great way to capture and maintain audience engagement! Authoring tools for this demo:

  • Vyond
  • Camtasia
  • Articulate Storyline 360
  • Murf text-to-speech voices

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