eLearning Rock Band Challenge #143


This week’s Articulate #ELHChallenge 143 is to “design an interactive graphic or micro site for your (fictitious) e-learning rock band!”

The band I manage is called äSynchronous eLeärning. Click the image below to check out their website. 

scope creap4

Creating the Site Using PowerPoint, Camtasia, and Storyline


I used PowerPoint 2016 to create the site, because on one slide I wanted to use the glass-shattering transition available in PowerPoint. I recorded the transition as a video in Camtasia, and imported that video to one of my slide layers in Storyline. 

While I was using Camtasia, I decided to edit some audio for the song that plays throughout the presentation. I obtained a Royalty-Free track, called Fit of Rage, on YouTube. Next, I used a text-to-voice tool to record the ultra-simple (and simple-minded) lyrics to the song. I combined the robotic voice with the music, and exported the result as an audio track.

Using a Single Storyline Slide for Background Audio


story view

The entire presentation was developed on a single slide in Storyline. Hyperlinks lead to the various slide layers. I designed the site this way because I wanted the song to play in the background throughout the entire presentation, and I also wanted to include a volume control to let the user fine-tune the sound level using the Storyline volume control. This allows them to turn down the sound–or even turn it off entirely–without turning off the sound on their computer or mobile device.

Triggering the Audio to Play in the Background



By putting the audio track on the base layer, and setting it to play at a certain time with a trigger, the audio will play smoothly throughout the presentation.

Freebie Download


If you haven’t had much experience working with layers, triggers, and animation in Storyline 2, you might want to look at the .story file as an example to see how the presentation was set up. Here is the editable file you can download: https://tracycarroll.net/asynchronous.story 

Authoring Tools: PowerPoint 2016, Camtasia, Articulate Storyline 2

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