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Freebie Office Template

Articulate’s E-Learning Challenge #234 is to create a course starter template, using an office theme.

This editable course starter template is a PowerPoint presentation on the perils of office gossip, which can be imported into Storyline, or used as an Articulate Presenter presentation.

Video demo:

PowerPoint’s Artistic Effects

All of the images in the presentation come from the Articulate 360 Content Library. I used PowerPoint’s Artistic Effects tools to transform an Articulate photographic character into a comic book character, to fit with the office comic book theme.

Freebie PowerPoint download:

Authoring Tools: PowerPoint, Camtasia for video editing


  • Lauren says:

    I’m somewhat embarrassed to even put my website down here after looking at all your work!! Seriously awesome! I encountered your Articulate Ordering Animals project and just could not believe it. So then checked out your Connect Four upgrade, your website etc. and it is all just – WOW! So, a question if you have a moment – would you recommend Plotagon platform for those that are still working on their “artistic skills” to get Storyline3 projects to the next level? Thanks for sharing such great creativity!

    • tcar2000 says:

      Hi Lauren,

      Thank you–your comments really made my day! 🙂

      I have a lot of fun working with Plotagon animation. I particularly like it because it was easy for me to learn. (I’m not a fan of complicated software!) If you’re interested in trying it out, I definitely recommend using the free 7-day trial:

      Also, the folks at Plotagon have authorized me to offer a discount coupon for 25% off the price of a Plotagon Studio subscription, if you decide to subscribe. Just use the code: CARROLL25

      Best regards,


  • Lauren says:

    Thanks for this!

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