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Tabs Navigation – ELH Challenge #199

4 Benefits of Donating Blood is my submission to Articulate’s Challenge: Common E-Learning Interactions: Tabs Navigation (2018) #199

Leveraging a Free Tabs Download

I created this new tabs interaction by revamping a free tabs template download created and made available on the Articulate community website by Montse Anderson.

The Benefits of Fruits template is a Storyline 2 template. I upgraded the template to Storyline 360, then changed the colors, fonts, graphics, text, and added text-to-speech audio with background music.

Free Downloads!

Download the Storyline 360 template by clicking here: Tabs Navigation

I used the font Caviar Dreams for the text. To create the cartoon characters, I used the fonts Kartoon Kutz, and Kartoon Kutz 2. Download all three fonts: 3 Fonts

I used PowerPoint to create the cartoon images from Kartoon Kutz fonts. Get the PowerPoint file by clicking here: Font Characters


In The Rapid E-Learning Blog, author Tom Kuhlmann created a great tutorial showing how to create free icons and images using fonts: Create Free Icons and Images in PowerPoint Using Dingbat Fonts

Authoring tools: Storyline 360, PowerPoint

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